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well... i just joined this thing so i guess i might as well post.. it is my belief that we will all die one day.. our pathetic species gone from the earth forever... but at what cost? though yeah.. i 16.. i been writing a book for a few years which will probably never get published or anything and i only have 110 pages so far... though guess i might as well just say a few things right now... fuck jesus, allah, god, moses, vishnu, etc. and if you have a problem with that... well.. you can go fuck yourselves... not that there is anything wrong with believing in god.. but there is something wrong with you if you are that insecure that if somebody... well.. forget that.. thoug yeah.. nother thing i oughta get across right now.. i like bush... you know? the pussy kind.. not the George W. Bushwhacker kind (he is very ugly.. and quite unappealing.. is he human? considering the fact that he is so lacking in emotion and is so dead suggests to me that he is.. and.. well.. if you have a problem with that... well.. you can go fuck yourselves again)...i guess in a way i should be thanking bushwhacker for considerably speeding up the process of our demise, yet he has gone about it the wrong way... if bush has his way we will destroy life as we know it... and also i guess there is still some part of me somewhere that wishes there was a way to avoid human extinction... however... obviously not... we doomed ourselves as soon as we first came up with this thing called "technology"... and in that way i guess it is not our (humanity's (currently)) fault for... i am really tired so i guess i'll just finish this pathetic post later on... oh yeah.. and just one more thing before i fall asleep... apparently.. trapping is legal in the state of NY.. yep.. legal.. you can even set up traps in state parks.. recently a dog got its face into one of these traps which was more like a torture device than anything else, and the dog, named zephyr, died in a few minutes.. and now about six more dogs have apparently been discovered dead in traps.. the head of the trapping commitee lives in Cold Spring Harbor? (i think... don't really live around there though.. what i do know though is that he is a complete asshole.. i sorta feel that the only way anything will be done legally to put an end to this would be if a child got maimed in one of these traps... for a moment i considered searching until i could find one and then putting my leg in it... but.. i'm too human... not much you can do about that eh?)
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I just discovered and joined this community. I'm very glad it exists. Just wondering, are the other members all located in the same area, geographically? Are you engaged in any sort of direct action, etc?
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Endangered Species Act Attack- PLEASE CALL NOW

Congressman Richard Pombo (R-CA) has introduced a bill in Congress (HR 3824) which would totally gut the Endangered Species Act (ESA). It will undo 30 years of progress that has been made trying to save those on the edge. The bill is scheduled for committee vote this week (Thursday, 9/29) with a possible floor vote after that. Please call your congressman and urge him or her to oppose this bill. VOTE NO on the Pombo Wildlife Extinction Bill.
Some of the key provisions of the bill:

• Eliminate conservation measures on tens of millions of acres of land;
• Repeal established conservation measures that prohibit the killing or injuring of hundreds of threatened species;
• Require the federal government to pay developers, the oil industry and other special interest groups to keep them from killing or injuring publicly owned fish and wildlife.

You can contact your representative through the Congressional Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

If you would like to see the bill -

Analysis: (these are just a sampling, Google Pombo and read more)

Sierra Club -

Defenders of Wildlife -

Environmental Defense -

A legislative analysis of the bill can be obtained at -

Please call now, this can't be allowed to pass.


On behalf of all creatures – thank you!


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Please sign this petition to protect the National Forests of the United States. You must be a US citizen to sign. The petition reads:

To: U.S. Congress
Dear members of Congress:

Please introduce the Forever Wild Act, as supported by the Native Forest Council, to the 109th session of Congress. Our public lands, now owned and hereafter acquired, deserve complete and total protection from extractive industries. Do everything in your power to eliminate all logging, road building, grazing, mining, and drilling on every acre of Federal public lands, including but not limited to: National Forests, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, Wilderness Areas, BLM lands, and National Monuments.


The Undersigned

thanks for your support!

Carey Ella

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The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race

Suppose that an archaeologist who had visited from outer space were trying to explain human history to his fellow spacelings. He might illustrate the results of his digs by a 24-hour clock on which one hour represents 100,000 years of real past time. If the history of the human race began at midnight, then we would now be almost at the end of our first day. We lived as hunter-gatherers for nearly the whole of that day, from midnight through dawn, noon, and sunset. Finally, at 11:54 p. m. we adopted agriculture. As our second midnight approaches, will the plight of famine-stricken peasants gradually spread to engulf us all? Or will we somehow achieve those seductive blessings that we imagine behind agriculture's glittering facade, and that have so far eluded us?

Read more here:The Worst Mistake
Houses of the Holy

Environment atlas reveals planet wide devastation

LONDON (Reuters) - The devastating impact of mankind on the planet is dramatically illustrated in pictures published on Saturday showing explosive urban sprawl, major deforestation and the sucking dry of inland seas over less than three decades.

Mexico City mushrooms from a modest urban centre in 1973 to a massive blot on the landscape in 2000, while Beijing shows a similar surge between 1978 and 2000 in satellite pictures published by the United Nations in a new environmental atlas.

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